About us

Khaw-Fee is for those who believe that coffee is more than just a caffeinated pick me up – it's a way of life. Created by coffee enthusiast and retail marketing exec, Theron Andrews, Khaw-fee gives coffee lovers a "delicious option to the flavorless muck that masquerades itself as coffee in most workplaces."

Theron believes that whether you're an occasional or avid coffee drinker, "you deserve the tastiest coffee possible when you decide to have a cup," His goal is to help coffee lovers to "truly enjoy the Rite of Brewing anytime and in any place."

Khaw-Fee offers a line of easy-to-use Coffee products, including a Manual Coffee Grinder and a Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker. The company's products are skillfully crafted to coax the maximum flavor from the coffee bean and bring it to your cup. Let's face it, you're way too cool to be consuming the office break-room swill.